To inspire hope, and empower the community, through civic engagement, scientific discovery, and public health advocacy.


We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization. Our hope is to change the world through the arts and sciences. We want to use our talents to make a difference, to decrease the amount of suffering in the world, and to increase appreciation for life. To achieve our mission, we sponsor quality programs that contribute value to the community. Our aim is not only to provide the necessary resources to make our endeavors successful, but we also want to create a legacy we can be proud to stand behind.


Our corporation is comprised of three Model A fiscal sponsorships. Prior to incorporation, the Midnight Central Theatre Co. was fortunate to put on their first production in 2016 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Concurrently, we launched our press website, the Marston Reports, which hosts foundation research publications and white paper reports as well as content news articles and curated web feeds. Additionally, in the past year, the PTM Research Institute has been developing collaborative partnerships, developing data collection tools, and analyzing biomedical data. Some of their theories and significant findings on suicide were presented at the 50th Annual American Association of Suicidology Conference.

Midnight Central Theatre Co. In the arts, we sponsor a theatre company aimed at providing opportunities for actors, producers, and technicians. The group is particularly focused on diversity, innovation, and accessibility. Based out of Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX the branch is able to reach out to talented minorities and underprivileged youth. 

PTM Research Institute. In the sciences, we sponsor a team of world class researchers who are striving to understand the biopsychosocial factors that are responsible for mental disorders. With partnerships in the Bay Area, CA and Scottsdale, AZ, the group specifically targets suicide prevention. Suicide has recently surpassed accidents to become the number one killer of adolescents and young adults, and the efforts of our researchers aim to mitigate the numbers.

Marston Reports. Our organization also sponsors a digital press that serves our corporation as well as our communities. The overall goal is to be producers and curators of knowledge that will benefit the world. All branches of the corporation are contributors, which keeps each staff, inter, and executive accountable to the community and helps our team stay focused on our mission.